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Don and Clorinda were married to each other, but many people said you couldn't tell who was the man and who was the woman.  Don was a Super Tit Man competitor, with enormous muscle breasts and gigantic nipples.  In turn, Clorinda was a bodybuilding Amazon with female muscles more massive than Hercules.

The most depraved schmoes in bodybuilding dreamed of submitting to Clorinda. Their fantasy was to kneel down and position their faces between her muscular thighs. Clorinda had an intense and devoted group of subservient pussy lovers who followed her wherever she went.

Certain bodybuilders received invitations to after-hours parties at Don and Clorinda's hotel suite, and those who stayed late after the Arnold Classic or Olympia competitions could not believe what they had experienced.

Don had strong anal tendencies and he always set up a private room where he invited some of the most virile musclemen to come and dominate him. He had installed a PumpMaster Auto-Stimulator machine for pectoral masturbation and stimulation. When Don got high on drugs at his parties, he felt the need to inflate his huge muscle breasts and nipples while other bodybuilders were watching, and then to get gang-fucked by the bodybuilders.

"Dudes, I want to show you something. Come see my Auto-Stimulator machine." So all the guys followed Don to his private room, and Don encouraged everybody to get high. Don asked the guys to help him get hooked up inside the breast harnesses and he asked them to feel him up as he snorted on poppers and other drugs.

"Hand me that Crisco, dudes." As the machine inflated and masturbated his breasts, Don greased his ass with Crisco.

Then Don got off the machine and leaned against a bed with his ass open and wide. He milked his own muscle tits as he worked his ass suggestively. Some of the guys pulled out their dicks and began to jerk themselves off as Don moaned and begged for action. Eventually one of the guys broke the ice and inserted himself into Don. Then all the other guys lined up and fucked him.

Meanwhile, there was a lineup of schmoes kneeling down in front of Clorinda in the main room of the hotel suite. The schmoes were desperate to perform oral services between Clorinda's legs. Some of the guys had been with Clorinda before and they knew her secret, and others had only heard about it. Clorinda's clit was so big that it was like a huge female muscle dick. When Clorinda competed in contests, she used "chastity straps" to hide her development. Even so, some fans in the audience spotted the bulge and whispered to each other, "Do you see what I see? She looks like she's hiding a dick in there."

Once her slaves had slipped her bikini strap to the side, there was no hiding the obvious. Some of the slaves were intimidated, but most were highly aroused. It was a special treat to lick deep into Clorinda's pussy and then to tongue the huge clit that hung over it.

"Oh Clorinda, that tastes so good!" exclaimed Bob Wempmeyer. "I need to tongue you inside and show you what a complete pussy slave I am!"

"Go deeper, Bob. Force that tongue in as deep at will go. Lick me out and service me good, because the other wimps are lined up waiting to tongue me too."

"Oh Clorinda, that clit is so big! I'm gonna pull my tongue out of your pussy and service your clit. Oh yeah, that thing is huge! It's like a huge cock. I want to be your cock-sucker slave, Clorinda!"

When the other wimps heard Clorinda ordering Wempmeyer around and when they heard Wempmeyer's depraved responses concerning her huge penis, they all moaned and groaned and they slurped their tongues in anticipation of her deep pussy and her gigantic clit. Her oversized clit responded to their secret need for giant female muscle cock.

Meanwhile, Don and the dudes who had fucked him were lounging on the living room couch watching the schmoes and slaves as they were servicing Clorinda's pussy.

Most of the virile musclemen who had already fucked Don were getting ready to fuck Clorinda, and Don was encouraging them to fuck his wife. He inserted a large butt plug in his own ass, as he watched the bodybuilders' huge, hard cocks popping out of their pants to fuck Clorinda. Then he got on his knees and sucked the thickest, fattest cocks in order to get them hard as a rock before they entered Clorinda.

muscleboytom Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2013
Looks like a good start! How does Clorinda get so big? Is she competing? Can't wait to see how it all turns out.
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